Granville Island

We were able to spend an entire day on Granville Island. We started off at the public market and then explored the various artists around the market.


These gorgeous blackberries looked so juicy.


This dog happened to run past me as I was trying to photograph a little girl feeding the pigeons.


I love the colors of these flowers.


A rainbow of peppers.


If only I had a tree that grew money, unfortunately they are all sold out!


This brave bird walked right up to me, fluffed up, and ran off.


My  first time beer tasting.


The pale ale was one of the best and the first gone.


This was an amazing lamp I saw hanging up in a store that sold cat alarm clocks!


Paper decorations are gorgeous and delicate.


A gorgeous painting I found in a hallway, unfortunately I couldn’t meet the painter.


A street performer.


We visited a woman who spins wool into yarn. One of her balls of yarn was dyed by lichen and smelled just like fresh dirt.


Inside the public market.


A seagull with a scratch.


Inquisitive dog on the pier.


Some random sketchings from passerbyes on the pier.


A cool heron we found under the pier that was fishing.


He was trying to catch the tiny fish.


Why is the rum always gone?


A gorgeous green pond.


Puppets in a toy shop.


“I want to fly. I want to stay.”


Raindrops in a spider web.


Bright colors on the ground when the sky was grey.



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