Trinidad Day 4

We started off our day with a tour of the Carib beer brewery. While we originally were going just to tag along on another classmate’s project I was surprised how open they were to talking about their environmental impacts as a manufacturing plant. They were very honest about what they could work on but don’t have the technology to fix and what they have worked on. I could honestly say if I went to a major manufacturing company in the states I probably would have been met with “Sorry classified company only”. Whereas here they went out of their way to even email me more information. I then tagged along with research partner Tabitha back to University of the West Indies for her research project on Trinidadian music. She was able to interview a couple professors and even the department head. After that the professor taught us how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the steel pan. Tabitha was very happy! We then met back up with the groups and went to the Renegades Bar (sponsored by BP for 40 years) where they were practicing their steel pan performance for Carnival competitions in a few weeks. Walking home we had our first kind of scary encounter, but thankful the police were watching from the crosswalk and confronted the guy as we were trying to get past him as to why he was harassing us. Thank you to those officers for letting us get to our apartment safe and let us continue doing our research!


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