Trip in Emerald City

I was finally able to go to Seattle and visit my best friend. It was way too long since I had seen her previously. The wonderful part about being best friends with someone is that no matter how long it has been since you have seen them, you are able to pick up right where you where you left off. It was like the year hadn’t existed and it had only been a couple days since we had last hung out. Needless to say, we spent the entire time exploring all over the city. These are some of my favorite pictures I took from this trip.


There was an great folk band playing at the Pike Place market. The men were very focused on their playing, but this little boy just seemed so bored. It was quite adorable.




I loved seeing all of the gorgeous flowers in the Pike Place market. There were so many colors and it smelled amazing. Flowers have so many different meaning and so many different colors. I loved getting to see everyone carrying around their bouquets of flowers. It made me wonder why they had them, what their story was.




This girl instantly caught my attention. First of all I love hula hoops and I couldn’t help but hope she was going to randomly stop hula hooping. She was the only one standing on the street and she had a power stance. With all the dark colors of her outfit, the hula hoop, window, and guitar cases contrasting so sharply with the white wall I had to make the picture black and white.





This gorgeous beast was huge, and he is still a puppy! he had the most gentle face and a happy tail. Plus even though he had grey fur he had gorgeous blue undertones in his fur.



This puppy has the most captivating eyes. I love two differently colored eyes, especially ones that are so contrasting.



For once it was sunny in Seattle and I was happy to be near the water again.





Nature find a way. Moss was growing on this rusting plank and the colors were great.



This is George. He howls a goodbye on command when asked to say “goodbye.” Here he is waiting for his treat. His luscious fur was so soft and I just wanted to keep him as cuddle buddy.



I found this lock randomly on the fence on Alki Beach. I wonder who the people are who put attached it to the fence.



This gorgeous flower and moss covered tree were so pretty. I love seeing spring return to bring color back to our world!



This bridge looks like it goes directly into the ocean.



I liked being able to see the landscape, yet have the foreground blurred so you can tell I was looking through the rusted fence.



All these pebbles just happened to be lined up in the crack of the driftwood. It was very simple and natural.



5 thoughts on “Trip in Emerald City

  1. Bella: You have your mother’s eye for photography. What a fantastic series of photos. You really have an artistic flair for communication. Very cool.

    Love, Sterling Archer 🙂

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