Blodel Conservatory

We started off our second to last day at the Blodel Conservatory. It was amazing! There were so many birds and flowers. I was able to work on some macro photography while I was in there.

This cool little bird was the first one I encountered
This guy was very interested in all of us and kept whistling at everyone
This guy couldn’t care less about us being there
This pretty girl spent the whole time talking to the green bird in the first picture
I thought this finch looked like a snowball
This guy was hilarious and talked the whole time repeating “How are you?” “Pretty bird” and “Bye bye”
A cool red and green plant
A cool pink plant
Some pretty daisies
Another gorgeous huge flower
A very colorful finch
The feathers of the pheasant
The feathers of a colorful bird
A gorgeous flower appearing out of nowhere
This guy broke and made a stick out of his branch to itch his back!
My first macro work of the day
More macro photography of flowers
I loved all of the gorgeous colors
Macro of the daisies
I found a feather on a leaf
The bridge
Outside of the conservatory was a huge park that you could meander through. It had even more gorgeous plants
A grown bonzai tree!
Cool cacti
The sun popped out of the clouds for a couple minutes just in time to illuminate this white flower
I had no clue what flowers these were but they made me think of pom poms
The sun again illuminating a tree branch
A very interesting fern I found. I wondered if it grew more if it would continue to spiral
Blue peaking out of green
When it started raining I was able to persuade one of my classmates to jump out of a puddle for me! The picture turned out great!

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