Stanley Park

On our way back from Granville Island we were able to stop at Stanley Park and Prospect Point and have the free time to photograph whatever we wanted.

They had incredible totems at the park
This made me think of a baby Christmas tree
The grass there was so green, I needed to show a contrast just so everyone can see how truly green it all is!
A random shell that was on a bench
I love water
Rain covered leaves
There was a log that had drifted up on the beach that wasn’t quite smooth yet
I couldn’t believe how many glass bottles were on the beach
There was also so much moss growing on the beach
More bottle necks that I found
The rain really brought out the colors in all of the different pebbles on the beach
Sea glass in the sand.
Rain soaked leaf in the middle of the street
The top of a really cool bridge out at Prospect Point
I liked how this bush was almost overtaking this bench
A gorgeous red plant

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