Broadway Street

This was my first officially attempt at street photography. The goal is to capture the atmosphere and culture of the area.

As an environmental studies major at my university I love seeing the little things that people do to help the environment.


Drinks in the afternoon.


These scarves were so colorful and the fringe added to all the texture.


This little guy was trying to lick my camera!


I have no clue what this plant is but I thought it looked really cool contracting with the orange pot.


Don’t be rude to Canadians.


Walking into a sketchy parking garage and found a surfboard!


I just thought these pieces of the bike wheel looked cool laying on the side of the sidewalk._MG_1789

Urban gardening


This is Roxy. She is protecting her rock that she was playing fetch with.


When your garden is so lush it spills over onto the street, you have a good garden.


Some very cool foxgloves.


I hope the owner of this little teddy bear eventually found him!


Can you tell I love the colors purple and green?


A colorful row of houses.


A colorful street to walk on.


A secret street performer.


This is how I know I was in Canada.


Some flowers that were for sale at a bus stop.


These were the most loyal dogs waiting outside a shop for their owner. Everyone who walked out they got excited it was their owner, but still never seemed sad when it wasn’t.


Flowers growing in a parking lot.


The coolest car dog you will ever see.


Post no bills.


Antique shop finds deserve a classic black and white photo.


I found some very large mushrooms!


Redbull gives you wings!


This poor abandoned bicycle! No one came around to claim it while we were standing there.



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