Step Into Her Shoes

We had a wonderful event put on by a fellow student, Janae Sargent, at Pacific University called “Step Into Her Shoes”. The purpose of this event was to educate our community on the issue of domestic violence as well as advocate for the end to domestic violence. Male students volunteered to wear high heels and march through the entire campus chanting and holding signs. Once we reached the quad everyone joined together to listen to Reverend Chuck Churry and Janae each give a speech about the purpose and importance of this event. Specifically that all of these volunteers were able to bring a bit of sunshine in solving such a serious topic. The volunteers then competed in a relay race where they put on bras, ran through obstacles, competed in a three-legged portion, put on their own make-up, and then stated why they had volunteered for the event-all in heels. The winners of the competition was the Alpha Zeta fraternity, but everyone had a fantastic time showing that Pacific University advocates love that doesn’t hurt.



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