The People of Vancouver

I wanted to finish this series of my trip to Vancouver with the pictures of all the wonderful people I was able to encounter. This includes all of my classmates and the people I was able to meet on the streets around Vancouver. We all had so much fun and I was so thankful for the opportunity.

Jessica goofing around
Contemplating photography
A sweet smile
Dreams of fish
A baker from Broadway street. We walked past her bakery and it smelled so good we walked right back and went inside. She was incredibly sweet and let us try some of her bread. It was fantastic!
A barista on Broadway street
Cowboy getting a drink
This cool couple and their dog were so sweet!
Do you even lift bro?
Curious old man
Three ages in one picture
Hello construction man
A red head raised me, so I always love seeing other red heads
Her hair is awesome and right after this she jumped on her board an skated away
Late night jokes
First beer in Canada
How to give a T-Rex a drink
Cool stall owner at the public market on Granville
This little boy was getting ready to steal some treats
This awesome shopkeeper in Granville creates some amazing metal jewelry, all of which tell a story.
So much sass in one picture
Such a pretty smile
We found this sweet dog tied up and she was instantly happy any time anyone walked up to her
Pirate girls
Cute couple walking down the street
Hello sailor
A woman sketching around Granville
Punk Rock toddler disapproves of your music style choices.
This guy was singing the most amazing music
This little girl was captivated by the guy above’s singing
The pirates are taking over
I think those floaties are on the wrong appendage
Our awesome professor
A woman contemplating
A German tourist in Granville who was confused why twelve people would be taking a picture of the same door
Apparently in Canada their prom is after their graduation ceremony. At Stanley park we happened to run into the entire graduating class of one high school. This was one of the girls and I thought she looked like modern Cinderella carrying her fluffy dress so she could walk
This little girl was loving her hot chocolate and kept spying me taking pictures everywhere at Prospect Point so I finally decided to take a picture of her
Lucy photography the birds at Blodel
Marty checking out the scene
Cam getting in on the photography action
Unfortunately tripods do not work as umbrellas very well
Had to get a Tim Horton’s doughnut before we left Canada

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