Museum of Anthropology

We spent our last day at the Museum of Anthropology and completing a photography scavenger hunt around the University of British Columbia campus. Both were a lot of fun!

The scavenger hunt had five different pieces of art that we needed to find and photograph:

_MG_2708 - Copy
#1: The Guardians of Choi
_MG_2719 - Copy
#2: The Head of Asia
_MG_2724 - Copy
#3: Many C shaped objects
_MG_2735 - Copy
#4: The different majors available at the University
_MG_2741 - Copy
#5: My professor’s bright shining face among old growth pillars.
_MG_2746 - Copy
I don’t think this bench wants to be called Gary anymore
_MG_2762 - Copy
Some very cool artwork hanging in the museum
_MG_2768 - Copy
I love this ironwork
_MG_2782 - Copy
A boot that a native person from the area would have worn
_MG_2793 - Copy
The museum’s featured piece
_MG_2796 - Copy
Wooden totems
_MG_2805 - Copy
Other cool artwork
I love this design
The modern aboriginal. A piece of a greater art piece
Roots of some driftwood
I was able to go dragonfly hunting
Just  a cool grate in the pond
A closer up of the dragonfly resting after being chased by birds
The outside of the museum
The scenic view atop the hill behind the museum

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