Nitobe Garden




I was able to take the amazing opportunity to go to Vancouver, Canada with a photography class from my university. This will be documentation of some of my favorite photographs from this trip. On the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver there is a spectacular Japanese meditation garden. In my trip to Vancouver this was our first site we were shooting at. We arrived just before they opened the gates, and though it was small, there was much to look at.


There was a small waterfall near the back of the garden and I decided to experiment with my shutter speed to show the flow of water.


Here is the full length of the waterfall


In the lake I noticed that the reflection of the bridge, and the tree next to it, were near perfect. I even liked how the murkiness of the water gave everything a green tint to it.


Looking up I loved the light that was dappled through the tree leaves.


There was so much green throughout the garden. The green of the plants seemed to be drowning out all other colors in the garden.


Even in the tree bark there was moss growing.


The clovers and ground cover were huge. Much bigger than any I’d ever seen in California or Oregon.


The only white flowers in the garden. I liked the absence of color they provided.


When you are  little kid all the trees you draw seem to be green. Looking at these trees though there is every variation of color available in nature.


I call this “The Zipper Tree”



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