Georgia Cannery

Our next site was the Georgia Cannery in Stevenston. This was one of my favorite places I was able to shoot. It was a big challenge because the light was not very cooperative and it was quite dark in the cannery with strange artificial lighting.


These colorful fish were attached to the fence outside of the building.


This adorable dog was waiting for his owner right outside of the door. I thought his face conveys the thought “I don’t care” perfectly.


Some cool object that were hanging on a wall.


One of my favorite pictures from the trip. These were under some machinery in the back of a room and I thought they made an amazing black and white photograph.


Walking out of the room where I took the previous picture was taken, I spied this old light bulb in the window and thought it looked cool.


I had an overwhelming urge to touch the valve after reading the wall.


With land lines disappearing you don’t see these guys anymore. I always had fun playing with them whenever I found one when I was little.



I have always loved type writers. I think they are gorgeous.



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