Wholesome Folsom

I was given the assignment to take pictures representing what I think of when I think of home. Even though I now live in Oregon, Folsom and my family there will always be my home. Thankfully I was able to come home to Folsom for a couple days to visit my family and see my sister graduate high school. I was able to take some fun photos with friends and at the river around town and these pictures basically encompass what I look forward to when I think of my home in Folsom.


The most epic of fist bumps. I always think of hanging out with my friends in my pool. It’s a tradition to see who can make the biggest splashes.


My cousin can play the air guitar and swim at the same time


I love swimming, and the best way to get in a pool in to jump in!


There are so may plants around Folsom and I loved that the sun reflecting off the river illuminated the leaves


Some amazing graffiti that I spotted under the top of Rainbow bridge


A reflection of Rainbow Bridge in the river. I love to walk along the trails and explore everything alongside the river


Kayaking in the river is always fun, especially when it’s hot in summer and you can just jump into the water to cool off


Rainbow Bridge in the water


Some cool kayakers


This tree looked like it was growing out of the cement of the bridge. I love seeing examples of nature growing in the most unlikely of places


Someone lost their shoes…


A random couple looking at the reflection in the water


Both bridges, the couple, kayakers, and the reflection all in one picture


Whenever I smell gardenias, I think of the ones growing along the walkway to our front door


Mr. Unfluff who will be leaving our house soon to journey to a loving home in Tennessee with my Nana and Papa


Alive being a silly kitty and rolling around


Rosie being a fierce ct and showing off her teeth


Alice has a small black heart on the back of her foot


My baby Rosie, she’s so fluffy I could die!


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