Maddie’s Graduation

My little sister graduated from High School today. She has ended her time as a Bulldog and is moving on the the Cougars. It was great to be home and celebrate with her, the family, and all of our friends.



They all entered the field through the mouth of the bulldogIMG_1234


Mom and Austin who made our graduate girls look so very gorgeous!


The youngest of all the kids, Livy, looking ever so lovely



Teddi is our fairy godmother, she even has  magic wand!


Ever year the graduates sneak in beach balls and throw them around, and every year the faculty tries to stop them. When the faculty took the beach balls away from the students everyone in the stands booed the teachers and the kids cheered us…


…and then they stepped it up and started throwing around an inflatable alligator 


My gorgeous graduate sister and momma



All the girls celebrating the end of their high school careersIMG_1317

A kiss for good luck as they will all soon be moving away



Of course we have to see their graduation dresses!

Congratulations girls and all of the FHS Class of 2014. You guys have made it and I wish you all the best of luck continuing on in your journeys through life.


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