Mama’s Kittens



Awhile ago there was a stray cat wandering around our campus that was friendly to anyone who came up to her. She is a gorgeous all black long-haired cat and after taking her to the vet it was discovered she was pregnant and due soon. Sure enough that week she gave birth to four beautiful kittens. There are two twins, an all black one (just like mama) and one with socks. To celebrate the kittens being four weeks old we decided to have a mini photo shoot. Here are the results.IMG_1071

Meet Nala, the smaller of the twins. She is a super cuddle bug and loves to curl up in anyone’s lap.IMG_1072

This is Aslan, Nala’s twin brother. He is slightly bigger than her and loves to pounce on his siblings. IMG_1073

Rebel is my favorite of all of the kittens. He was the first one to venture outside of the box and is currently the only one eating dry food. He is all black just like mama and loves to sit and blend in between her two front legs, which means we constantly think we have lost him!IMG_1078

This is Han Solo. Appropriately named, he is a little adventurer and is constantly finding new places to try to climb up and under


They didn’t want a family picture so we had to group them together.


Here is Nala looking fluffier than usual, but just as adorable. IMG_1081

Rebel has started to like to climb over shoulders and down people’s backs when they hold him. He also has quite a set of lungs on him for such a little guy!





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