The Vineyards

A couple minutes away from my campus there is a gorgeous area where you can pull off the road and just enjoy the gorgeous view. This is the David Hill Winery or as the students all call it “The Vineyards.” One of my favorite aspects of the view is the skyline created by the trees on top of the hills. I love being able to see the individual trees outlined by the setting sun.IMG_0882

I remember travelling to Southern California with my family when I was younger. We would drive through the OC and passing by all of the orchards. I loved that the rows seem to travel on forever. It makes you want to explore into them and see where they lead to.


As we were down the path I happened to spot a random tire in the blackberry bushes. As I got closer I noticed the tiniest ladybug on it. It was such a surprise and instantly brought a smile to my face.


Seeing even more ladybugs just seemed to prove that spring was on the way. I was so happy to see color finally starting to show after so much dark, gloomy, and grey weather in Oregon.


I almost stepped on this glass walking back to my car. But I liked that it blended in with most of the rocks.



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