Dressed up in the Rain


I thought this picture of my friends was adorable. An empty campus on a stereotypical rainy Oregon day and they are all dressed up. There is just something nice about seeing a couple walking through an area that is normally very busy and it is quiet and peaceful.


A natural smile is one of the prettiest things for a person to have. I was very happy to be able to capture that.


I loved this blue umbrella she had. It stood out so nicely against the dark grey of everything.


Most people in Oregon hate on umbrellas. I love them. I have no particular reason for liking them, but I just think they are fun. Most people have unique umbrellas, especially on a college campus. It’s unusual to see a see-through umbrella and I liked that you could see the background through it.


I was having a lot of fun jumping over all of the puddles. I miss the warm California weather where I could walk around barefoot. I didn’t care that it was cold our I was having fun being barefoot. I love that this picture captures me just having fun.




Whenever I see reflections I think about watching the Disney movie “Mulan” when I was little. The reflections are never as perfect as the movie of course, but when you can see details in the reflection I think it is incredible.


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